That’s when our technicians will use their knowledge and expertise to suggest the best make, model and size for a new unit. What most people don’t know, and most companies won’t tell you, is that choosing the proper unit is actually a science using energy calculations. If a unit is too small it can’t remove humidity and will run non-stop, resulting in the need for another new unit long before the traditional 8-12 year life span.

If too large, while the unit will cool the home it will again cause an excess of humidity build up. As part of our honest service Perfect Degrees will NEVER under or oversell you. We will work the numbers and calculate the appropriate size unit for your home. Perfect Degrees will provide temporary air to keep you comfortable until your new unit is installed!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call (844) 455-6575 today, because at Perfect Degrees “Your Comfort is Our Number!”